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Live & Online practices

4/22 - 4/26

11am EST | Flow Yoga | Wednesday | (Book Online)

4pm EST | iRest Meditation | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday | (Book Online)

6:30pm EST | iRest Meditation | Thursday | (OmPractice)


Please check out our YouTube channel for yoga practices


our Listen page for iRest Yoga Nidra Meditations

Private online class, mentoring & corporate rates upon request.

Join me for movement or iRest meditation practices.
All practices create a nervous system reset specifically designed to bring a greater awareness of comfort in the body and ease in the mind. This empowers us to create our own self regulation.

All movement practices begin with settling the gripping that our day to day life creates and we build from that foundation. Guidance supports modifications for everyone in every body and engages the body inside and out. This leaves the body 'worked' and restored. We always drop into deep rest to close the practice.
iRest is an incredible meditation practice that creates a deep restful experience where we remember that we are ok. Humans have a tendency to overthink and by settling the body into a state of comfort, thinking mind will begin to rest too allowing us to welcome ourselves to our home ground of gentle spacious awareness, comfort & ease. The body feels deeply refreshed and the mind finds a settled & clear awareness in the present moment. It's delicious!

I have used this practice for myself and all of my students since I began my iRest training in 2010.
More information about iRest
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