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Yogani Teacher Training: Foundations for the Mindful Teacher with Annette Scott and Annie Okerlin

TO REGISTER PLEASE VISIT: http://www.illuminated-living.com/workshops-trainings/teacher-training.html

APPLICATION: http://www.yogani.com/wp-content/uploads/IL-Teacher-Training-Application.pdf

Training Hours: 5-day intensive April 24-28, 2014: 8:00 – 11:30am | 1:00 – 6:30pm Ensuing months: Fridays 6:00 – 9:00pm, Saturdays 8:00 – 11:30am | 1:30 – 6:00pm & Sundays 8:00 – 11:30am | 1:30 – 4:30pm 17.5 TOTAL PER WEEKEND (+5hrs per month of observing, study sessions & self study)

Training Investment: Cost $2850 | $600 deposit due at time of registration. Remaining cost can be broken down into 4 payments of $562.50. Full tuition must be received by July 15, 2014.

Over the course of our study we will spend: 20+ hours dedicated to learning the basics of Anatomy, Kinesiology & Physiology, Reading Posture and Correcting for Alignment 40+ hours on Teaching Styles, Methodology and the Process of Learning Itself 40+ hours on Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, Qualities and Ethics of a Teacher, Making Your business work

100+ hours on Asana: Techniques, Training and Practice You will be introduced to gentle, beginner’s 101, power, flow, pre-natal, mommy & baby, restorative, yin and ashtanga-based styles of asana practice as taught by some of Yogani community’s best including Ashley Halley, Deb Bobier, Eric Wheeler, Laraine O’Neill, Lisa Jamison, Lisa Wilson and Stephen Bickle. The training will provide a full-spectrum foundation approach to your practice and teaching with contributions coming from contemporary and traditional practitioners of yoga, philosophy, mind-body psychology, neurobiology and anatomy.

Module Schedule and Structure: Each module will include asana and pranayama practice, meditation, 8-limb philosophy, lecture, homework/reading assignments, self-care techniques and yoga nidra/iRest practice. There will be student teaching every weekend.

April 24th – 28th, 2014: Foundation, Form & Function | Seeing Bodies & Learning How to Touch | Understanding why you should NOT believe everything you think | Intro to Sequencing | Audio, Visual and Kinesthetic Learning | Anatomy: Our Bones, Organs and Major Muscles | Yoga 101 with Laraine O’Neill E-YRT 500 | Mommy & Baby/Prenatal with Lisa Wilson E-YRT 200 May 16th – 18th: : Anatomy of Stabilization | Diaphragm and the Pelvis | The Energy Body – Nadis, Chakra, Koshas | The Teacher – The psychology of the archetype and its sacred role | The Timeline and History of Yoga | Bio-Energetic Flow w. Deb Bobier E-YRT 500 June 13th – 15th: : The Power and Ethics of words: Speaking to Your Edge | Dissection of Second Sutra by Patanjali | Anatomy of the Hip Socket and the Scapula | Yama and Niyamas in Practice | Vinyasa with Eric Wheeler RYT 200

July 11th – 13th: Psychology of Transference and Counter-transference: The Shadow Student | Anatomy of Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, Aponeuroses | Ayurveda and Nutrition | The Endocrine System and Its Chemical Cascades | Restorative with Cami White RYT 200 August 8th – 10th: The Gunas in the Body, Mind and Breath | Anatomy of Dristi, Balance and Joint Proprioception | Creating a Yoga Resume | Teaching Chaturanga and its Modifications | Going Beyond – Integration of the Energy Bodies with Ashley Halley E-YRT 200

September 5th – 7th: The Importance of the Pause: Pose and Repose | To LLC or INC and Filing Taxes | Adjustments and Corrections for Common Pathologies | Using Multi-media for Business | Yin For Athletes with Lisa Jamison E-YRT 200 October 3rd – 5th: Establishing Boundaries and the Ethics of Engaging with Students | Using Your Voice | Getting Upside Down with Stephen Bickle E-RYT 200

November 7th – 9th: Establishing the Vessel for Learning | Psychology of the Cycle of Completion: How to Close a Class | Final: Anatomy Learning Experience Additional Requirements over the 9 months: Establishing and journaling about your personal @ home practice (no less than a ½ hr a day, no less than 5 days a week. It can include asana, pranayama and meditation). Attend 5 different classes (notes required) @ different yoga studios (fees not included in tuition) | Observe (notes required) 2 Yogani classes (fees included) | Teach either: a community class offering @ Yogani or offer your teaching to an underserved population (notes required for either option) Come with an Open Mind, Heart and Willingness to Try New Things On….

TO REGISTER PLEASE VISIT: http://www.illuminated-living.com/workshops-trainings/teacher-training.html

APPLICATION: http://www.yogani.com/wp-content/uploads/IL-Teacher-Training-Application.pdf