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200-hr YA Teacher Training with Ally Ford


Ally Ford´s 200-hour yoga studies program is the premier vinyasa-based program in the Tampa Bay area. If teaching is your goal, you´ll receive the knowledge and tools you´ll need to lead a safe yoga practice for others, and do so effectively and confidently. You will also earn your 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher´s certification with Yoga Alliance©.

The program is built on three main areas of focus: daily practice to foster one´s own understanding; the vast and captivating history and philosophy of yoga; and the theory and methodology of effective yoga teaching. It is rich, thorough and proven, as demonstrated by the number of Ally’s graduates maintaining a daily practice and by those teaching around the world.

Program Includes Intensive Studies in the Fields of:

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100hr Yin Yoga Teacher Certification with Paulie Zink


Zink%20H%201This is the only official Yin Yoga Teacher Certification Course authorized by The Yin Yoga Institute and taught by the founding master of Yin Yoga, Paulie Zink. Learn to teach the art of Yin Yoga as it is intended to be taught.

Yin Yoga was developed by Master Zink from the Taoist spiritual traditions and health practices of ancient China. In Taoist philosophy, the entire universe is regarded as a living organism imbued with life force. Being in harmony with the flow of this energy in nature is the essence of Taoist attitude. The primary purpose of Yin Yoga is to restore and enliven our innate ability to move with fluidity, power, and grace.

Participants learn to open to their intuitive hearts, to discover the individual expression of the artist within, to awaken the spontaneous and playful spirit, and to transcend the boundaries of the analytical mind in order to advance beyond techniques for doing yoga into cultivating a way of being yoga, of living it in our day-to-day lives, and sharing these gifts with the lives of those we touch. In this Teacher Certification Course, participants learn a numerous variety of both yin
and yang yoga postures which balance the body’s subtle energies. Participants will study the deeper dimensions and comprehensive components of the art of Yin and
Yang yoga, including:

All participants will receive a 40 page Yin Yoga Teacher Training Manual that includes 75 illustrations of postures
Students find the complete art of Yin yoga to be an excellent complement to other styles of yoga. Teachers of other styles regularly attend Paulie’s seminars to enhance not only their own personal practice, but also their classroom skills. Paulie is known as a teacher’s teacher.

The 100 Hour Yin Yoga Certification course is presented in two separate one week long sessions: Session 1 and Session 2

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Teaching Yoga and Meditation Techniques for Trauma with Annie Okerlin

Photo, Annie, Okerlin

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600hr Mysore & Ashtanga Apprenticeship Program with Jessica Lynne Trese


Course Includes:IMG_1789-1024x1024

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