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Bodywork, as a term, encompasses any technique or modality that consciously seeks to enhance what feels good and improves overall performance while simultaneously diminishing tension, pain or discomfort in the body/mind continuum. As the origins of these tensions may arise from any confluence of the physical, mental or emotional body, the methods and the specifics of achieving positive change are endless.  


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My work involves taking a multidisciplinary approach to helping your body perform at its best. Realignment of posture is a priority. This begins by putting you in a more aligned position on the table while using massage to relax tight and overworked muscles.We can reintroduce dormant and under utilized muscles into the work force. After creating awareness within your daily activities I can help you rebuild through yoga, sports, or fitness training. I look forward to helping clients on any part of that journey. A structurally balanced body one that feels better, lives with more vitality, and is a mere gateway to the great work you can perform!

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I have been practicing massage therapy since 1992 and operated successful practices in Chicago, IL, Columbus, OH and Aurora, OH.  I recently relocated to Tampa to be closer to my family.  In addition to Classic Swedish massage, I specialize in ashiatsu/barefoot and  deep tissue massage as well as  neuromuscular and trigger point therapies.  As a Registered Yoga Teacher I like to integrate my massage and yoga skills.  My focus with clients, whether they are receiving a massage or practicing yoga, is to assist the individual in achieving and maintaining improved health and wellness.

LIFT Performance Enhancement Pricing
Rates are dependent on practitioner and style of massage. We offer Classic/Swedish as well as Advanced/Specialty options.
Package rates are available.
Please check with Lisa or Jeremy if you are unsure what to schedule.
$40-50/30 mins
$75-90/60 mins
$100-126/90 mins

Physical Therapy The goal of physical therapy is to make daily tasks and/or activities easier by improving or restoring physical function and fitness level. Change is achieved by improving posture, correcting movement dysfunctions, increasing flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and/or balance.

R. Neil White | MSPT, CSCS 813.787.6733 | golfpt@gmail.com Neil has over fifteen-years of experience as a personal trainer and six-years as a physical therapist. As a performance physical therapist his primary focus is working with clients who are interested in improving their pain, posture and movement dysfunctions, as well as those motivated to improve their performance in sports (e.g. Run, cycle, trek and golf). Neil is a Titleist Performance Institute Level II Certified Medical Professional and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with extensive experience and passion for working with all levels of athletes recovering from injury, decreasing injury risk, improving racing times or lowering their handicap. His therapeutic tools and modalities range from classic physical therapy modalities (therapeutic exercise) to more modern tools (Functional Movement ScreenTM) to more ancient (yoga). In his spare time Neil enjoys family time with his wife Cami and two daughters Kelsi and Bryn, reading about a broad interest of subjects and obviously increasing his heart rate and work capacity through many different modes of exercise!