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yoga and community

The Sanskrit word yoga translates to “yoke” from the root yuj – to join, unite, attach or integrate. While an individual might practice yoga to gain balance, integrating body, mind & spirit, a yoga studio offers space for yogis of all ages and walks of life an opportunity to join together in creating a community.

Through building and supporting the development of our community partnerships we enrich our lives and our connection to the community that sustains us.

We are honored to align ourselves with the businesses and organizations that share our vision and help make Tampa and the world a better place.

Exalted Warrior Foundation Tricycle Studios
KB Photography
The Roosevelt 2.0
Eluv Music
Breath of Life Tribe
Yoga Tampa Bay
Rasa Lila Festivals
Florida Community of Mindfulness
Lucky Cat Yoga
Lisa Jamison — Lift Performance Enhancement
Balance and Bliss Ayruveda/Yoga/Massage Inspire Yoga
Tampa Museum of Art
The Salvador Dali Museum
Asheville Yoga Center
Forrest Yoga
Shiva Rea — Samudra School of Yoga
Micheline Berry
I Love Yoga Zing Bars
Zudar’s Deli
Wheels of Light